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Nothing makes more impact on the look of your Camaro  than an RKSport Hood. It is an affordable upgrade that enhances both performance and style. Always made in the USA, these premium quality Camaro Hoods will keep your Camaro looking and running like a million bucks! With material options like fiberglass and carbon fiber, and feature options like functional ram air, heat extraction vents, clear engine view windows and high rise cowls, you are sure to find the Camaro hood that is the perfect compliment to your ride.
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Polished Stainless Steel Hood Grill 93-97 Camaro Hood Blister add on 14-15 Camaro V8 Ram Air Hood Fiberglass
For use with Competition Hood Fits 93-97 models only Fits 14-Up Camaro V8 Models only
V6 models still use 2010-2013 version hoods

RKSport 10-13 Camaro Ram Air Hood RKSport Dodge Charge Hood 93-97 Camaro RK Competition Ram-Air Hood
10-13 Camaro Ram Air Hood
Our Price: $767.29
Fits all 10-13 models Fits all 10-13 models Fits all 93-97 models
98-02 Camaro RK Competition Ram-Air Hood 2016-20 Camaro Ram Air Hood 10-13 Camaro Hood w/ Clear Center
Fits all 98-02 models Fits all 2016-20 Models

** 2019-2020 models will fit however body lines of the hood may not line up 100% to the new bumper **
Fits all 10-13 models
2014-15 Camaro Ram Air Hood in Carbon Blister 10-13 Camaro Extractor Hood with CF Center Camaro Ram Air Hood
Fits 2014-15 V8 Models Only. * * V6 still use 2010-2013 RK Sport hoods * *

Fits all 10-13 models

Fits all 10-13 models
2016-2020 Carbon Fiber Blister Camaro Ram Air Hood 93-97 Camaro RK Competition Ram-Air Hood w/ CF Blister 98-02 Camaro RK Competition R/A Hood w/CF Blister
Fits all 2016-2020 Models

** 2019-2020 models will fit however body lines of the hood may not line up 100% to the new bumper **
Fits all 93-97 models Fits all 98-02 models
10-13 Camaro CF OEM Style Hood camaro carbon fiber hood
Fits all 10-13 models Fits all 10-13 models

FAQ's about our Camaro Hoods

CAN I ORDER MY HOOD ALREADY PAINTED? RKSport does not offer paint services. We have found over the years that it is better to ship the hood 'paint ready'. This eliminates the possibility of paint damage during shipping and also allows you to pre-fit the hood prior to painting, which reduces the likelihood of scratching or marring the hood during final installation.

DO THE HOODS SHIP READY TO PAINT? The hood will arrive sealed in a premium quality, gray, gel coat. We recommend a light sanding prior to applying primer and paint.. Click HERE for detailed paint recommendations on all RKSport fiberglass hoods.

ARE THE HOODS DIFFICULT TO INSTALL? RKSport makes it easy! Disconnect the struts and wiper tubing. Unbolt the hood from the hinges and remove the hood from the vehicle. Remove all stock hardware from the stock hood and re-install onto the RKSport Hood. The Camaro has multiple adjustment points to assure a perfect fit. We strongly recommend pre-fitting your new hood prior to painting. This will greatly reduce the chance of marring the hood once it is painted.

WILL WATER GET INTO THE ENGINE THROUGH THE RAM AIR SCOOP? RKSport has developed an effective water management system for all our Ram Air hoods to prevent any water that enters the scoop from making it to the intake. The water is ultimately directed to weep holes where the water to exits the hood away from your Camaro's intake and engine.

DO THE CARBON FIBER HOODS NEED TO BE CLEAR COATED? Our carbon fiber hoods ship ready to install, no painting required. We finish them in a marine grade, clear gel coat for superior gloss, depth and UV protection. Some customers choose to add an automotive clear coat to our finish for additional depth and gloss but it is not necessary from a protection point of view. The Carbon Fiber Hood is more expensive than the fiberglass version but since it does not need to be painted, the money you save on the paint job significantly minimizes the cost difference.

CAN I RE-INSTALL THE STOCK HOOD LINER ON THE NEW HOOD? It is possible but you would need to modify it to make it work. RKSport Hoods do not require a hood liner. The primary purpose of a hood liner is to protect the paint from engine heat. The double walled construction of our hoods, combined with the natural ability of fiberglass to dissipate heat, makes the hood liner unnecessary.

HOW MUCH DOES THE CAMARO HOOD WEIGH? We do not publish individual hood weights but in most cases fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods are 20-30% lighter than stock metal hoods.

IS THE RKSPORT CAMARO HOOD FUNCTIONAL? We define functional to mean that cool outside air is channeled through the hood, via a ram air scoop, and delivered directly over the factory intake box. all RKSport Camaro Ram Air Hoods are functional.

HOW DO THE HEAT EXTRACTION VENTS WORK? RKSport heat extraction vents allow a significant volume of otherwise trapped, hot air to rise through the extraction vents where it is can be released from the engine compartment resulting in a cooler running, better performing engine.